Friday, 10 July 2015

Sunflower labyrinth!

view across the site to the houses opposite
Our group has been growing sunflowers for the past few months to create a temporal sunflower labyrinth. Our c. 14 x 15ft plot is now circled by a ring of colourful flowers. We're into the 2nd week of July and we've got lots of different varieties coming into flower, and they look great!

As you can see from the photos, our labyrinth site sits within a much larger space. This is the previously over-grown and gone-wild part of Community Roots. Eventually, situated across from our labyrinth, Green Light Trust and Community Roots/Great Yarmouth & Waveney Mind are developing a 'Patch Project' (mini-allotments for local people) and an orchard of local fruit varieties over the next few years.

view across the site towards the River Yare and Great Yarmouth
The idea behind the sunflower labyrinth is that we gradually introduce various temporary labyrinth-inspired ideas into the space, as a way of preparing the land and inspiring ideas from our group of local people. So, thank you to everyone who has grown, sown, tended and watered the sunflowers - we still have space for a few more if anyone has some still to be planted...

lots of different sunflower varieties growing