Saturday, 23 May 2015

What a busy day yesterday at Community Roots, we had gardening, willow weaving, mammoth making and Daniel and myself started marking out the first circle for our labyrinth.
The site is magical and a lot of work has already been done on the patch project by Wild Haven participants who are also members of Hands on HeArt and the Community Roots gardening groups.
Our labyrinth site is wild and natural, with many beautiful plants, trees, animals, birds and insects. We've had foxes, muntjac deer, magpies (my personal favourites), crows, bees, families of frogs just to name a few!
Brian Howard kindly donated a Huge bucket of sunflowers, so Daniel and myself started to dig a trench to accommodate them. The soil is rich, clay and very damp with many perennial weeds such as Horsetail which is abundant down my own allotment. Apparently the Romans used it for cleaning pans, it is rich in silica and can be used medicinally, so even pesky weeds have their uses! Mother Nature provides even panscourers!
The bees seemed really interested in our newly dug trench and when we investigated further it seemed that they were taking mouth fulls of newly dug soil back to their hives. Most interesting....
More news to follow soon.........